Bring new heights to your property listing – literally. Here’s a simple, fool-proof way to get your property standing out: invest in high-quality drone real estate photography and we promise it’ll pay off big time. A key way to avoid blending into the masses vying for buyers’ attention is to stay on top of the trend and tell your story in a way that’ll pop. Make a grand statement and show off your property in one swooping shot – drone photography in Melbourne is an easy way to break out into the market on top. Adding a twist to traditional real estate photography, real estate aerial photography lets imaginations take flight, employing high definition, unique angles, and dynamic shots to craft a truly mesmerising piece.

Besides the obvious benefit of compelling visuals, drone photography comes with all the versatility and creative license you’d expect. Score yourself better engagement with a better listing that sparks interest and curiosity, all with the use of a simple and elegantly robust storytelling tool. If you’re after footage that’ll show off your ample grounds, commercial property, or picture-perfect views, drone photography is right up your alley. And let’s not forget about area profiles and neighbourhood tours – drone videos execute those seamlessly.

Classy and tasteful, aerial real estate photography is the modern-day master of storytelling; and will prove effective whether you’re showcasing your property’s grounds and layout or even the neighbourhood surrounding it. Give your buyers the added perspective they need to paint the bigger picture for themselves and ultimately drive your sale to a close. With aerial photos and videos, you get to highlight the best parts of your property’s layout, outdoor space, and exterior features, showcasing more of your property than you’d ever be able to via regular photos and videos. And the benefits don’t stop there – ramp up your virtual tours with drone shots that boost customer interest and generate added revenue for your business.

Done right, high-quality aerial drone photography can quite possibly be the sharpest tool in your real-estate toolbox. With a net cast wide for all the potential uses of drone photography in Melbourne, here are just some of the ways you can harness this tech to serve your business:

  • Drone View lines – Drone view lines are essentially panoramic photos captured via drone aerial photography and the effect you’re left with is truly stunning. The perfect tool to describe both location and surroundings in a single shot, drone view lines give viewers an idea of the vibe of the locale and can be used to show different perspectives like a buzzy apartment block coming to life at night or the gentle glow of a rising sun over a neighbourhood street.
  • Area Profile – Buying a new home or commercial property is a big decision, and the surrounding neighbourhood, grounds, and even the view can all but be a turning point in the sale. Area profiles immerse your buyers right into the immediate surrounds of your property, and you can show off tree-lined streets and any community facilities like pools or basketball courts. This helps potential buyers understand the experience and quality of life they’re buying into, and just might end up being the deciding factor in a purchasing decision.
  • Real estate marketing videos – Marketing videos featuring birds-eye view drone shots are a two-fold strategy, so while they can be used to sell almost any listing, they’re also extremely effective when it comes to marketing higher-end luxury properties and large-scale commercial projects. This sort of versatility means that you can achieve virtually any feel that you’d want in your videos making the sky the limit.

Aces at the game: Aerial Drone Photography in Melbourne never looked this good.

If you’re after great-looking aerial photography in Melbourne, leave it to us. We’ve got a professional and experienced team ready to get your drone real estate photography needs done to a T. With a ReOC accredited team and a qualified group of RePL accredited drone pilots competent in both training and skill, we’ve got the right combination that’ll help capture any sort of drone imagery you’d have in mind, from area profiles right up to virtual tours. We’re also fully authorised by WorkSafe Victoria to enter construction zones and fly over certain restricted areas so with our friendly team, your possibilities are endless.

With top-of-the-line service and cutting-edge gear, we’re ready to help craft your perfect story and get your property sold in a fraction of the time. Our full-service range includes photography, videography, real estate aerial drone photography, real estate drone videography, and 360-degree virtual tours.

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