A highlight reel of the best features of your property & real estate videography might be the best thing to ever happen to your listing. There’s nothing like seeing the look, feel, and detailing of a property for yourself, and something about experiencing it first hand seals the deal on a sale quicker than photos or descriptions (good as they are) ever could. With the online real estate market fast becoming the most efficient and fool-proof way to buy a property, effectively build your trust factor and boost your listing in one fell swoop. Immersively showcase the best features of your property and its surroundings, win potential buyers and get your place standing out in no time. All it takes is a little real estate video production magic.

Home buyers have increasingly come to favour places that offer videos and 360 virtual tours along with photos, and the reason seems almost blindingly obvious: you can’t be fully interested in a place until and unless something about it catches your eye. Pair a comprehensive home walkthrough with crisp drone imaging, and you’ve got a winning combination both inside and out.

If you’re wondering what videos offer that a dozen or more photos don’t, real estate videography provides a powerful avenue that transcends the more rigid boundaries of stationary media types. Videos go where no photo can, forming a seamless blend of visual and audio that paints a more attractive and presentable picture to new audiences. In short: it’s just that much more appealing, and the engagement boost you’ll receive is proof of it. Real estate videography services Melbourne breaks into the social media scene much easier than still photos, and professionally done, these videos will be snappy, attention-grabbing, and in blindingly high definition: perfect for showing all the great nooks of your listing.

If up to this point you’re convinced that real estate videography works just to promote your property, think again. Done right, it can promote your brand and business too. There are five different main types of real estate video production:

  • Property Tour – Possibly the most common type and the one that might come to mind most when you think of real estate video production are the walk-through tours. These rich videos take the viewers on a tour through your space, and with clever angles and artful timing feels just like an in-person tour. The best part is, your potential buyers can now inspect and share this home with as many people as they want – any time of the day. A winning play that helps people resonate with, and feel at home with your listing, walkthroughs are a fool-proof option for most any property.
  • Project Marketing – Video production for this type of film is more cinematic than the last, and works wonders particularly to bill more exclusive properties. Introduce your project or property and include a compelling voice-over to show people what you’re all about. Perfect to illustrate your authority in the field and build your brand’s reputation.
  • Testimonial videos – Reviews work like magic – and people turn to reviews more than anything else to make informed decisions. Showcase your company or agency’s professionalism and stellar track record with testimonial videos featuring past clients. Hearing real people give a first-hand glowing testimony can make all the difference. And if it’s well produced and in HD? All the more.
  • Event videos – Special events are special for good reason and should be documented as such. Never miss any of the highlights of your opening ceremony or project launch party again. With professionally done video production, rest assured that your event will live on – and live to inspire potential client after client.
  • Area profile – Buying a new home or office-space is a big decision and one that’s often either supported or set back by the surrounding neighbourhood. Ease potential buyers into their decision by offering peace of mind via area profile. This type of real estate videography involves filming and aerial drone photography shots of the immediate surrounds.
  • TVC/Ad – Yes, TV commercials still got it, and yes, they definitely still work. Increase awareness around your brand and Melbourne property with real estate video production featuring stunning visuals, a storyline that adds that spark of human touch, and a sleek, polished finish.

Leave your real estate video production needs to us – we’ll cook up a storytelling storm.

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