Pictures are worth a thousand words and no type of pictures are worth more words than real estate photography. If you’re after the easiest way to get a higher asking price and increased interest in your listing, we’ve got news for you: high-quality photos isn’t an option, it’s a must. In recent years, millennials have increasingly dominated real estate to become the largest homebuying generation in the market. With more and more buyers taking to online searches and scouring the internet as a solid first step towards home buying, a house with attractive visuals provides more trustworthiness, information, and allure than a worded description ever could.

In an increasingly saturated market with buyers who are more thorough than ever,  there comes the need to pitch your property in just the right way that sells it, and there’s no better way to do this than with comprehensive, professional visual coverage.

What is real estate photography? Also, do I really need it done professionally?

But let’s dial it back for a second – what exactly is real estate photography? What’s the big idea behind this, and do you really need professional services for it?

Professional Real estate photography by definition is relatively straightforward being the photography of the exterior and interior of houses. With this idea in mind, it can be easy to think it’s not a tough nut to crack by yourself, and that anyone with a good phone camera and decent angles can get it done in a jiff. There’s more to it than meets the eye, though, and proper real estate photography creates captivating images that enhance and showcase your listing in the best way possible. This allows buyers to get informed and enables them to make quicker decisions. Professional cameras, a variety of lenses, and skilful post-processing all play a role in highlighting the best selling points of your property – and ultimately can mean the difference between grabbing the interest of buyers and not.

Professional photographs are a proven factor in quicker selling rates, and this makes sense once you realise that attracting a potential buyer is make or break: it happens within seconds, and without good photos (or any photos), you’ll only have a tenth of the time to attract your buyer as you would if you had photos. People spend more time looking at listing photos than they do reading through descriptions, and drone shots and virtual tours have also become increasingly popular with buyers. All of this points to one fact: for buyers, seeing is believing.

There are four main types of real estate photography and no matter what sort of space you own, if you’re looking at property photography in Melbourne, it’ll fit into one of these categories:

  • Residential – The most popular category around, residential real estate photography includes shooting exterior and interior shots of homes, and more recently have come to involve aerial, and video shots as well. Common homes types include condo units, townhouses, and luxury properties. Photos are usually delivered to realtors and are restricted to only being used for marketing and selling the house.
  • Commercial – Commercial photography jobs are typically more costly as they have fewer restrictions licensing wise, and property owners can continue using them over several years. Typical properties include office spaces, malls and restaurants. 
  • Architectural – Architectural photography requires close client-photographer communication to ensure that the features of the space being highlighted are the desired ones. Lighting, angles, and editing play a heavier role in this category than in others in order to spotlight the detailing of a space or building. 
  • Interior – Interior real estate photos are most well known for being showcased in magazines, newsletters, and portfolios. The focus in this category is drawn toward the interiors of the buildings, and the details and flow between rooms in the property.

We’ll handle the property photography – from start to picture-perfect finish.

If you’re after real estate photography in Melbourne, our team of professional photographers provide a full range of services that’ll help you stand out in the crowd. With unique, engaging photography, whichever category your property or project falls into, we’ll create the perfect content to seal the deal for you. Our services include photography, videography, aerial and drone photography, as well as 360-degree virtual tours.

Armed with a fully equipped team and the experience to back it up, our real estate photography will write a story for your property that takes a step back and lets your space speak for itself. No detail left uncovered, and no expense spared. Our guarantee is quality work that’ll get you quick results. For property photography in Melbourne that knows how to play the game right, enquire with us today.